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FIX Hellas

Hello fellow travellers,

Today I bring you another in my Greek series of beers. Another lager that helped me cope with the gorgeous sunshine and warm summer breeze blowing across the picturesque island of Santorini. Again, purchased from a little market north of the beaches at a very reasonable price, probably around $1 euro.

Beer: FIX Hellas

Brewery: FIX, Athens, Greece

Fix Hellas - Athens, Greece - very smooth lager low bitterness very refreshing not much body but perfect for a hot day semi sweet notes of honey medium low carbonation -  5 abv - 7o25 () 10
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Impressions: A very smooth lager with low bitterness. Not much body, but very refreshing. Semi sweet notes of honey and vanilla in the background. Medium to low carbonation.

ABV: 5%

Score: 7.25 / 10 (Good to Very Good)

Verdict: This was a very enjoyable beer. At first it seemed like a fairly average lager, but then semi sweets notes started to break out in the background bringing a nice balance of bitter and sweet. Nothing remarkable mind you, but perfect for a hot Greek summer holiday.

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Banks’s Lion’s Roar

Hello ale fans,

Today I bring you an ale from the ubiquitous Banks’s brewery. Typical of these brewers are creamy, low ABV ales, which is exactly where this one falls. Check out their beautiful website here:


Beer: Lion’s Roar

Brewery: Banks’s, Wolverhampton, England

Banks Lion's Roar - England - smooth ale mild hops bitterness semi cereal flavour creamy aftertaste low carbonation - 3o8 abv - 6o5 () 10

Impressions: This was a smooth, creamy ale. A nice rich head to the pint, with low carbonation. Very mild bitterness with low hops hidden in the cereal notes. A nice creamy follow through and after taste.

ABV: 3.8%

Score: 6.5 / 10 (Average)

Verdict: This beer has many qualities that I look for in an ale. Creamy, smooth, easy drinking. But that’s where it stops. It needs more bitterness, more flavour in general. The low ABV drags this beer down further as it lacks any real punch and leaves it a bit on the watery side. That said, amongst the low ABV ales, this is very pleasant and will do the job if that is what you’re after.

GREECE: Beers in Santorini

Hello all,

Continuing with my ‘beers from around the world’ theme at the moment, today I bring you an authentic Greek beer I enjoyed while on holiday in Santorini. Santorini (or Thira) is a member of the Grecian Cyclades, which are a cluster of islands south-east of Greece’s coast. Stunning views were not hard to find when the cities are built high upon the the tops of ancient volcano remnants. (Please note that scores of the following beers may have been rated higher than if they were enjoyed in non 40*C heat). The price of beer in Santorini is fair (even cheap compared to some places in Europe), approximately $3 euros for a large pint, often served in an ice-chilled pint glass, which makes the lagers that much more refreshing. The bottle presented below was probably around the $1 euro mark.

There isn’t much info on the net about this beer so any help filling in the details is appreciated!


Beer: Fischer

Brewery: possibly  S.A. Fischer, Athens, Greece

Fischer - Greece - smooth pilsner semi sweet notes of caramel and vanilla low bitterness with a slight bitter aftertaste medium low carbonation refreshing but full flavour - 5 abv - 7o25 () 10
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Impressions: This is a smooth pilsner with an atypical low bitterness. Semisweet notes of caramel and vanilla pervade the beer followed by a slight bitter aftertaste. Medium to low carbonation, refreshing.

ABV: 5%

Score: 7.25 / 10 (Good to Very Good)

Verdict: This was surprisingly good. I can’t remember the exact price, but beer was pretty cheap in Santorini, so this bottle represented good value. This incorporated a good amount of flavour (semi-sweet, to my liking) while retaining a high amount of refreshness. Refreshability. Satiatingness.

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Ringwood Brewery – I

Today I bring you two beers from the Ringwood Brewery (now under Marston’s ownership).

Beer #1: Boondoggle

Brewery: Ringwood (Marston’s), England

Ringwood Boondoggle - England - smooth blonde ale light and refreshing light cereal notes weak bitterness creamy - 4o2 abv - 6o5 () 10

Impressions: This was a smooth light blonde ale with refreshing, light cereal notes. A creamy head tops a rather weak, and light bodied beer. Low bitterness suits the low ABV of 4.2%, and sits well with the low carbonation.

ABV: 4.2%

Score: 6.5 / 10 (Average)

Verdict: A decent enough beer that is more light and refreshing than full and satisfying.

Beer #2: Best Bitter

Ringwood Best Bitter - England - smooth ale medium bitter with cereal and wood notes but also weak low carbonation pedestrian - 3o8 abv - 6 () 10

Impressions: Another smooth ale, with prominent cereal notes, accompanied by a woody background. Medium to low bitterness accompanies the low carbonation, along with the low ABV of 3.5%.

ABV: 3.5%

Score: 6 / 10 (Low Average)

Verdict: A fairly avoidable bitter that brings nothing new to the table, but isn’t offensive. A decent pint if you want a low ABV beer.

Initial impressions of the Brewery

These two beers don’t inspire much confidence in the brewery. These beers are far from awful, but if there are other options on the menu, I’d more than likely choose those.

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