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Banks’s Lion’s Roar

Hello ale fans,

Today I bring you an ale from the ubiquitous Banks’s brewery. Typical of these brewers are creamy, low ABV ales, which is exactly where this one falls. Check out their beautiful website here:


Beer: Lion’s Roar

Brewery: Banks’s, Wolverhampton, England

Banks Lion's Roar - England - smooth ale mild hops bitterness semi cereal flavour creamy aftertaste low carbonation - 3o8 abv - 6o5 () 10

Impressions: This was a smooth, creamy ale. A nice rich head to the pint, with low carbonation. Very mild bitterness with low hops hidden in the cereal notes. A nice creamy follow through and after taste.

ABV: 3.8%

Score: 6.5 / 10 (Average)

Verdict: This beer has many qualities that I look for in an ale. Creamy, smooth, easy drinking. But that’s where it stops. It needs more bitterness, more flavour in general. The low ABV drags this beer down further as it lacks any real punch and leaves it a bit on the watery side. That said, amongst the low ABV ales, this is very pleasant and will do the job if that is what you’re after.

Bah Bah Black Sheep – ‘Best Bitter’

Hello World!

Following on from my original Black Sheep post:,
I bring you another from the Black Sheep family.


Beer: Best Bitter

Brewery: Black Sheep, Mashum, Yorkshire, England

Black Sheep - The Station - fairly bitter creamy very smooth odd after taste of cream or butter weird but nice unfortunately served warm 7 o5 () 10
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Impressions: This is a light bitter, creamy, and very smooth ale. Mild, and soft malt notes. Followed by an after taste of cream or butter. Low carbonation.

ABV: 3.8%

Score: 7 / 10 (Good)

Verdict: This was a nice ale. For what it is, it does it’s job well. A low ABV beer, that’s soft and easy drinking. Very smooth and creamy, and one that is enjoyably filling.

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Ringwood Brewery – I

Today I bring you two beers from the Ringwood Brewery (now under Marston’s ownership).

Beer #1: Boondoggle

Brewery: Ringwood (Marston’s), England

Ringwood Boondoggle - England - smooth blonde ale light and refreshing light cereal notes weak bitterness creamy - 4o2 abv - 6o5 () 10

Impressions: This was a smooth light blonde ale with refreshing, light cereal notes. A creamy head tops a rather weak, and light bodied beer. Low bitterness suits the low ABV of 4.2%, and sits well with the low carbonation.

ABV: 4.2%

Score: 6.5 / 10 (Average)

Verdict: A decent enough beer that is more light and refreshing than full and satisfying.

Beer #2: Best Bitter

Ringwood Best Bitter - England - smooth ale medium bitter with cereal and wood notes but also weak low carbonation pedestrian - 3o8 abv - 6 () 10

Impressions: Another smooth ale, with prominent cereal notes, accompanied by a woody background. Medium to low bitterness accompanies the low carbonation, along with the low ABV of 3.5%.

ABV: 3.5%

Score: 6 / 10 (Low Average)

Verdict: A fairly avoidable bitter that brings nothing new to the table, but isn’t offensive. A decent pint if you want a low ABV beer.

Initial impressions of the Brewery

These two beers don’t inspire much confidence in the brewery. These beers are far from awful, but if there are other options on the menu, I’d more than likely choose those.

Burton Bridge Brewery – Better Beers Abound

Hey all! The Burton Bridge Brewery happens to be a brewery I pass by on my way to work everyday.. and I just so happened to have sampled a few of their beers in the past! So today I bring you one Stout and one Golden Ale. Both beers are brewed in England, locally, at the BBB.

This brewery (and surrounding area breweries) has quite an interesting history that you can read about here:

On to the beers!

Beer # 1: Bramble Stout

Impressions: This is a very smooth, proper dark stout. A deep, rich texture complements the semi sweet, complex flavours in this beer. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate blended with a touch of coffee creates a warming, satisfying stout. Low carbonation, poured with a nice rich head.

ABV: 5%

Score: 8.25 / 10 (Excellent to Very Excellent)

Verdict: A very, very nice stout. Sweet and strong. If you enjoy stout, sweeter beers, or even have a sweet tooth for chocolate, this beer will not fail you. The sweet Yin to the well known stout Guinness’s Yang. Definitely worth a buy, and will probably bring you back for another.

Beer #2: Golden Delicious

Impressions: This beer starts with a sharp first impression. The sharp tang mellows to a creamy, light bitter smoothness. A light taste of cereals that are refreshing and somewhat satisfying. Low carbonation with a nice rich head.

ABV: 3.8%

Score: 6.5 / 10 (Average)

Verdict: A nice beer with a creamy, smooth texture. Goes down well and wouldn’t really offend anyone. A low ABV leaves this beer with little punch, and little in the way of standing out from the crowd. Buy a pint over Carling and its ilk.

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