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Xingu Black Beer

Hello Lager drinkers,

Following on with my Brazil theme, today I bring you a beer that is actually palatable (re: Brahma is awful). Check out their awesome website here:

I have great respect for this brewery as they’re trying to bring awareness to the masses and are allied with rainforest protection campaigns.

Beer: Xingu Black Beer

Brewery: FEMSA Cerveja Brasil, Brazil

Xingu Black Beer - Brazilian Stout - very smooth dark and sweet lightly carbonated heavy literally creamy flavour low Abv 4o6% - 7o5% () 10

Impressions: This was a very smooth dark lager. Heavy and sweet with dark roasted malt notes. A blend of creamy and bitterness throughout. Low carbonation.

ABV: 4.6%

Score: 7.5 / 10 (Very Good)

Verdict:  I really enjoyed this beer. Very dense and packed with malt and sweetness, it really hit the spot. If only the ABV were a bit higher to give it a little kick, as it was just a tad on the mild side. Otherwise, definitely worth a try for stout and lager fans alike.

Backyard Brewhouse – Bad Santa Stout

Today I bring you a delicious little number from the recently established Backyard Brewhouse brewery!

Founded in 2008, this microbrewery produces a wide range of beers, from the generic Bitters and IPAs, to seasonal brews such as ‘Summer’ and ‘Kris Kringle’.

I wish I could review ‘Lionheart’ for you today, as it’s St. George’s Day (Happy SGD!), however, I have only had the pleasure of reviewing ‘Bad Santa’, and it was a pleasure.

Beer: Bad Santa

Brewery: Backyard Brewhouse, Walsall, England

Bad santa 6o8 abv very smooth chalky creamy sweet stout caramel and vanilla nice bitterness woth lingering sweet heavy 8() 10.jpg
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Impressions: This was a very smooth, creamy stout.  Sweetness immediately hits your tongue with notes of caramel and vanilla. This is followed through by a chalky, medium to low bitterness. There is a lingering sweetness in the full bodied stout, as the low carbonation makes this beer easily sippable.

ABV: 6.8%

Score: 8 / 10 (Excellent)

Verdict: This was a pleasant surprise, having never heard of the brewery. Many of these limited edition Christmas ales have been generic, nothing-special ales, however, this was good. Very good. Some might say excellent. A very well put together stout, with a well balanced sweetness and bitter profile. The high ABV gives it a nice kick and it is overall a really enjoyable experience. Too bad this may never come around again.

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Bah Bah Black Sheep

Today I bring you two ales from up Yorkshire. Check out their surprisingly elegant website here ( for more info about their beers.

Beer #1: Riggwelter

Brewery: Black Sheep, Mashum, Yorkshire, England

Black Sheep Riggwelter - Yorkshire England - very smooth dark ale malty with bitter sweet chocolate notes low carbonation - 5o7 abv - 7o75 () 10

Impressions: This is a very smooth dark ale. Strong malt with bitter sweet chocolate notes. Low carbonation.

ABV: 5.7%

Score: 7.75 / 10 (Very Good to Excellent)

Verdict: This is a very nice strong ale. The strong flavours present are typical of a beer like this, but this is done well. The high ABV lends to the nice kick, but a little more body would have put this into the Excellent category.

Beer #2: Golden Sheep

Brewery: Black Sheep, England

Black Sheep Golden Sheep - England - smooth dark ale dark roasted hops notes creamy finish fairly bitter after taste medium low carbonation - 4o7 abv - 7 () 10

Impressions: This is a smooth light ale with bitter hops notes to the front. This is followed by a creamy cereal finish, with a  fairly bitter after taste with a light body.  Medium to low carbonation.

ABV: 4.7%

Score: 7 / 10 (Good)

Verdict: This is a nice, light ale. A good amount of bitterness blended with creamy, soft cereal notes. The lower ABV and light body leave a little more to be desired, but still worth a try.

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