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Xingu Black Beer

Hello Lager drinkers,

Following on with my Brazil theme, today I bring you a beer that is actually palatable (re: Brahma is awful). Check out their awesome website here:

I have great respect for this brewery as they’re trying to bring awareness to the masses and are allied with rainforest protection campaigns.

Beer: Xingu Black Beer

Brewery: FEMSA Cerveja Brasil, Brazil

Xingu Black Beer - Brazilian Stout - very smooth dark and sweet lightly carbonated heavy literally creamy flavour low Abv 4o6% - 7o5% () 10

Impressions: This was a very smooth dark lager. Heavy and sweet with dark roasted malt notes. A blend of creamy and bitterness throughout. Low carbonation.

ABV: 4.6%

Score: 7.5 / 10 (Very Good)

Verdict:  I really enjoyed this beer. Very dense and packed with malt and sweetness, it really hit the spot. If only the ABV were a bit higher to give it a little kick, as it was just a tad on the mild side. Otherwise, definitely worth a try for stout and lager fans alike.

Badger – England’s Own – Hall and Woodhouse V

Hello world,

Today I bring you my 5th in the series of Hall and Woodhouse Badger ales!

Beer: England’s Own

Brewery: Badger, Hall and Woodhouse, Dorset, England

Badger England's Own - Dorset, England - very smooth ale very light and mild bordering bland notes of grape and leaf refreshing odd medium low carbonation - 4o6 abv - 6o75 () 10
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Impressions: This is a more normal ale. Well, no. It is a very smooth ale with very light (almost bland) hops bitterness. However, in the foreground of the flavour are notes of grape and grass. Medium to low carbonation makes this odd beverage fairly easy to drink.

ABV: 4.6%

Score: 6.75 / 10 (Average to Good)

Verdict: This is an odd one. When I say it tastes of grass perhaps I mean it tastes fresh. It’s quite unusual, but not unlike-able. The low ABV is a downside to this beer as a higher percentage may give this ale just what it needs to kick it into a higher score, with stronger hops/bitterness. Unique and worth a try.

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SPAIN: Let’s revisit España

My first post on Spanish beer ( was on the delectable Legado de Yuste.

Today I bring you THREE more Spanish beers to drool over!:

Beer #1: Alhambra Export

Brewery: Mahou-San Miguel, Spain

Alhambra - Spain - smooth Spanish lager very refreshing low bitterness medium carbonation weak taste - 6o25 () 10

Impressions: This is a smooth lager, with low bitterness (and flavour). However, very refreshing, and the medium carbonation keeps it lively.

ABV: 4.6%

Score: 6.25 / 10 (Low Average to Average)

Verdict: There isn’t much to say about this. Little in the way of hops/cereal bitterness or flavour in general. However, it is refreshing and inoffensive  so it gets an average.

Beer #2: A.K.Damm

Brewery: Damm, Barcelona, Spain

AKDamm - Spain - very smooth Spanish lager medium carbonation light bitter taste with notes of coffee and caramel very refreshing 4o8 abv - 8o25 () 10.K-1

Impressions: This was a very smooth lager. An interesting marrying of bitter coffee and sweet caramel/vanilla notes, accompanying a light hops bitterness. Medium carbonation keeps it refreshing.

ABV: 4.8%

Score: 8.25 / 10 (Excellent to Very Excellent)

Verdict: I was highly surprised by the lager. The combination of two of my favourites flavours (bitter coffee and sweet caramel/vanilla) bumped this beer well above the typical lager mark. Rich in flavour, though still very light and refreshing, I highly enjoyed it. Try one.

Beer #3: Cruzcampo

Brewery: Heineken, Spain

Cruzcampo - Spain - smooth Spanish lager medium carbonation mild taste slight bitter finish refreshing but pedestrian - 4o8 abv - 6o25 () 10

Impressions: Another smooth Spanish lager, with medium carbonation. Like Alhambra, it has a mild taste with a light bitter finish.

ABV: 4.8%

Score: 6.25 / 10 (Low Average to Average)

Verdict: Another refreshing, light lager. Mild and drinkable, which was quite nice on the hot Spanish nights! (Man in background also enjoyed a few cervezas).

Tre Birre per Favore – A Taste of Italy

Buongiorno Signore e Signori! So conditions haven’t really improved here in England. Traffic is jammed, roads are shut, and I couldn’t find my swimming trunks today. Darn. No work for Evan.

Anyway, as I’m sure the Brits would rather be anywhere other than here, I chose to bring you to the lovely shore of the Mediterranean. Italy.

Beer #1: Birra Morreti Original

Brewery: Birra Morreti, now Heineken, Italian Division, Italy

So you’ll have to take my word that this beer is actually Morreti! Unfortunately lighted taps don’t photograph well!

Impressions: This is a nice smooth lager. Very light and refreshing. Low bitterness with only a light hopping, creating light citrus notes. Medium carbonation.

ABV: 4.6%

Score: 6.5 / 10 (Average)

Verdict: This is a squarely average lager. Light and refreshing, with enough flavour to be enjoyable. Better options out there!

Beer #2: Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Brewery: Peroni Brewery, now owned by SABMiller, Rome, Italy

Impressions: Another smooth, refreshing lager. Light and crisp taste, medium to low bitterness. Medium carbonation (as you can see from the awful pour, resulting in a large head). Light cereal notes, and I strangely get a taste of olives. Not sure if that’s psychosomatic association with Italy. Hmm.

ABV: 5.1%

Score: 7 / 10 (Good)

Verdict: I’m not sure why I enjoyed this more than Birra Morretti, but there’s just something to this beer. I’ve had it several times now, and it’s definitely a go to lager against the likes of Carlsberg (English version) or Carling. It’s smooth, light, refreshing, and goes down well. Nothing too unique about this beer, it’s just made well.

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