Hello wine lovers,

Today I bring you another from a recent red wine spree. This is an Argentinian offer utilising the Spanish native Tempranillo grape (blended with other red grapes not listed). This can be bought for around £6 at Tesco.

Wine: Firemark Tempranillo Bonarda, 2012

Vineyard: Concha Y Toro, Argentina

Grape: Tempranillo / Red Grape Blend

Very smooth dry wine light tannin on the tongue bitter grape un appetising nose easy drinking 6 () 10
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Impressions: This was a fairly smooth red wine. Dry, with a puckering light tannin on the tongue. Bitter grapes within and an unappetising finish. The nose of this wine is very alcoholic.

ABV: 12%

Score: 6.25 / 10 (Low Average to Average)

Verdict: Long story short, I was not a great fan of this one. The bitterness of the grape, dryness of the tannin, and sharpness of the nose left this as a squarely pedestrian wine. Still fairly easy drinking in its lighter body. Better options on offer for less.
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