Hello all,

Today I bring you another ubiquitous beer, Foster’s. However, this is not their usual offering of bland, unpalatable lager, this is their ‘premium version’. Spoiler: also bland and only slightly palatable.

Beer: Foster’s Gold

Brewery: Royal (Heineken, UK)

Fosters Gold - Australia - smooth lager with a creamy light bitterness weak bread flavour refreshing medium carbonation - 4o8 abv - 6() 10
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Impressions: This was a smooth light lager. A very light bitterness with a creamy, ‘off-corn’ bread flavour. Not as strong as the usual weird Foster’s flavour. Medium carbonation, and refreshing.

ABV: 4.8%

Score: 6 / 10 (Low Average)


Verdict: Better than the standard Foster’s. That isn’t saying much really considering the original Foster’s is one of the few beers I actively avoid. This isn’t a much better option, especially considering the raise in price. Avoid.

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